Our components, your design.

A set of fully customizable components built for any kind of Nuxt projects.

  • 50+ ready to build rich pages or apps
  • Fully configurable component design tokens
  • Replace, extend, customize any component in a breeze
  • Plays well with @nuxt-themes/typography
  • Designed to be used as Markdown Components using Nuxt Content
  • As seen in Docus, Alpine, and other NuxtLabs themes
$pnpm add @nuxt-themes/elements
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What's included

Nuxt Studio ready

Built with live-preview within Nuxt Studio in mind.

Fully customizable

Uses Design Tokens which you can easily modify from an HMR-compatible configuration file.

Markdown compatible

Built to be used from <template> with slots or from a .md file with MDC.